Transforming the latest developments in aging research into therapies targeting
age-related diseases

With rapid advances in the understanding of the underlying biology and mechanisms of aging, ground-breaking research and technology have now started to come together to target the aging process and mitigate the effects of age-related diseases.

The inaugural Longevity Therapeutics 2019 will bring together the leading biotech drug developers, academics, investors and pharma companies endeavoring to develop innovative therapies targeting age-related conditions.

Join them to collaboratively tackle specific challenges faced to develop these therapies – from discovery, to preclinical activities, translational research, clinical development, regulatory and commercial considerations – and uncover the details behind the latest developments in this space.

“The networking opportunity was fantastic. The meeting had a broad range of topics which interested a diverse panel of participants”

Past Attendee – Hanson Wade Event



“A huge success for everyone who attended. The participants were top notch. I learned a lot and made some good contacts. The content was extremely strong overall”

Past Attendee – Hanson Wade Event