Welcome to the 4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit – Home to The Ambitious Quest to Cure Age-Related Diseases & Ultimately Aging

The pursuit for the first approved longevity drug to treat the mechanisms of aging has never been more exciting with our understanding of the underlying biology of aging evolving and many innovative therapeutic options making significant preclinical and clinical progress.

The unmissable 4th Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit is returning in-person to San Francisco where it remains the only industry meeting uniting 100+ leading biotech/pharma drug developers, pioneering academics, and prominent investors striving to develop effective, novel anti-aging drugs and overcome major preclinical, translational, clinical, and regulatory obstacles.

With over 10 hours dedicated solely to in-person networking and discussion, this is your must-attend meeting of 2022 to reunite with your peers in the longevity field and share your ideas and opinions.

Conference Director, Elisha Malik sat down with Michael Fossel and John Cooke to discuss the following topics ahead of this year's Summit:

1. Why 2022 is such an important year for the longevity therapeutics field
2. What the future of longevity therapeutics entails
3. Their respective roles and work in the longevity therapeutics industry
4. The speakers they are most looking forward to learning from at the Summit
5. Who they are most interested to meet in the community
6. The biggest challenge within the longevity space
7. What is being done to overcome this challenge

2022 Speakers Include:

Viktoria Kheifets

Senior Vice President


Michael Fossel



Louis Hawthorne

Chief Executive Officer


Erin Kimbrel

VP, Research

Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Guna Rajagopal

Scientific Vice President & Fellow, Computational Sciences


Kate Batz

Managing Partner

Deep Knowledge Group

Nir Barzilai


The Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Robin Mansukhani

Chief Executive Officer

Deciduous Therapeutics

Confirmed Attendees From:

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