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8:00 am Morning Coffee

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Mapping Out The Longevity Biotechnology Landscape – Part 2

8:30 am Addressing the Maturing Funding & Investment Landscape in Longevity

8:55 am Rejuvenation and Accelerated Aging as Therapeutic Targets

  • Ronald Kohanski Deputy Director – Division of Aging Biology, National Institute on Aging, NIH

9:20 am Challenges in Getting Us to Die Young at A Very Old Age

  • Nir Barzilai Director - Institute for Aging Research & Professor - Medicine Endocrinology & Genetics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

10:00 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Innovative Therapeutic Approaches Targeting Age-Related Diseases – Part 2

10:45 am Cellular Senescence as a Driver of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

  • Julie Andersen Professor, Neurodegeneration, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

11:10 am Targeting Cellular Senescence to Develop Novel Medicines

11:35 am Targeted Systemic Senolytic Treatments For Geriatric Syndromes

12:00 pm Enzyme Augmentation Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

  • Kelsey Moody Chief Executive Officer, Ichor Therapeutics, Inc.

12:25 pm Lunch & Networking

1:25 pm CD24-Siglec Signaling Pathway in Regulating Host Defense to Aging & Tissue Damage Related Chronic Inflammation

  • Pan Zheng Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Maryland Baltimore

1:50 pm Linking Cellular Senescence & Osteoarthritis Development

2:15 pm Senolytic Gene Therapy in Naturally Aged Mice

2:40 pm Genome Protection


• Latest innovations from Genome Protection

3:00 pm Siwa Therapeutics’ R&D in Longevity Therapeutics

3:55 pm Repair Biotechnologies: Towards Reversal of Thymic Atrophy & Atherosclerosis

  • Reason Founder & CEO, Repair Biotechnologies

4:20 pm Finding the Balance; Rational Approaches to Drug Development for Longevity

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:00 pm End of Longevity Therapeutics 2020

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