2019 Pre-Conference Workshop

13.00 - 16.00

Developing A Preclinical Drug Development Pipeline in Anti-Aging  Workshop Leader: Kelsey Moody, CEO, Antoxerene/Ichor Therapeutics

Longevity science represents one of the greatest financial opportunities of all time, but also presents novel financial, development, regulatory, and clinical challenges to biotechnology/pharmaceutical entrepreneurs.

In this workshop you will learn more the fundamentals of launching and growing a successful biotechnology/pharmaceutical business with an emphasis on nuances specific to the emerging longevity science industry.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • How to navigate the funding paradigm in the longevity space, and attract investment?
  • What is the commercial potential of therapeutics targeting age-related conditions?
  • Considering and tackling key challenges in R&D for anti-aging therapeutics
  • Establishing a clearer understanding of the clinical development and regulatory pathways for these therapeutics


Join us for this interactive discussion and learning session that will bring practical insights into the development and bringing to life of a successful pipeline in the anti-aging space.


Kelsey Moody, CEO, Antoxerene/Ichor Therapeutics

Mr. Moody is a process-oriented biotechnology executive who has specialized in the study of aging and aging mechanisms for over a decade. Since 2013, Mr. Moody has successfully built Ichor Therapeutics from a living room start-up into a premier, vertically integrated research organization that focuses on pre-clinical drug discovery for pathways of aging. R&D initiatives that constitute Ichor’s portfolio companies span enzyme therapy (Lysoclear, Inc.), small molecule drug discovery (Antoxerene, Inc.), antibody mimetics (Auctus Biologics, Inc.), protein chemistry tools (RecombiPure, Inc.), and a pre-seed strategic investment fund (Grapeseed.Bio). Mr. Moody has received graduate-level training in medicine, business, and laboratory research.

Kelsey Moody