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Confirmed Partners


Expertise Partner

The Jackson Laboratory is a leading provider of cancer mouse models and in vivo oncology services and a National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center. Drawing on decades of research experience we provide capabilities around model selection, husbandry and customizable oncology studies to help clients and researchers evaluate novel anti-cancer therapies. Our diverse oncology study protocols range from traditional xenograft services to PDX cancer models and advanced humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology drug development.



Innovation Partner

TAmiRNA is developing biofluid-based diagnostic tests based on circulating microRNAs and providing contract research services for discovery and validation of RNA-based biomarkers. The focus of TAmiRNA are age-associated diseases, where senescence plays a major role for onset and progression of disease. TAmiRNA has developed senomiR®, a proprietary microRNA signature intended for diagnosis of senescence burden and treatment response monitoring, and is looking to establish partnerships for development of disease/drug-specific applications of its biomarker platform.



Exhibition Partner

OpenCures is a platform for Self-Directed Research where individuals interested in gaining insight into their biomolecular health can measure biomarkers, share their protocols, samples, and data, and work with others to accelerate the development of cures for disease. OpenCures and has partnered with Bay Area Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services to give individuals access to research assays that can measure thousands of biomarkers and support them with educational tools and a platform to help them help themselves understand more about their health than ever before possible.