A Fresh Take on an Old Classic: Therapeutically Modulating IGF Signaling through PAPP-A Inhibition

Time: 11:35 am
day: Day One


  • Explore how inhibition of insulin/IGF signaling is the most validated antiaging intervention known
  • Examine PAPP-A: An extracellular IGFBP protease that increases local IGF bioavailability, extends lifespan and health span when deleted, and avoids endocrine compensation, making it a compelling target for IGF pathway modulation
  • Review Calico Lab’s PAPP-A neutralizing antibody; explaining how reduced IGF signaling extends health span and lifespan due to characterizing its effects in-vivo and identifying clear biological activity and novel mechanisms of action
  • Discuss how PAPP-A inhibition may be a safe and effective therapeutic strategy for reducing IGF signalling