Adam Freund

Adam Freund

Company: Calico Labs

Job title: Principal Investigator


Adam is a Principal Investigator at Calico Life Sciences, a Google-backed biotechnology company focused on aging and age-related diseases, with the goal of developing interventions that enable people to live longer and healthier lives. Adam’s lab works to identify and test post-developmental interventions that slow or reverse aspects of aging. This requires robust assays to measure aging, and to that end, the lab develops and uses semi-automated, longitudinal monitoring platforms to measure multiple aspects of health in preclinical models. Combined with novel multi-dimensional time series analysis, these platforms allow functional decline to be quantified at an unprecedented level of detail, with high throughput. The lab is interested in testing a wide array of interventions, with current emphasis on reducing IGF signaling through PAPP-A inhibition. PAPP-A is an IGFBP protease that increases IGF signaling within tissues, and its inhibition reduces IGF signaling without triggering unwanted endocrine feedback or dose-limiting toxicities. PAPP-A deletion extends lifespan and healthspan, so PAPP-A inhibition may be a safe and effective therapeutic strategy for modulating aging through reduced IGF signaling. Adam has studied aspects of the biology of aging throughout his career. His graduate work with Judy Campisi at the University of California at Berkeley and the Buck Institute from 2005-2010 focused on cellular senescence and the regulation of pro-inflammatory signaling from senescent cells. He did his postdoctoral work at Stanford University from 2011-2014, where he developed high content screening methods to identify regulators of telomerase, and he joined Calico in 2014.


Panel Discussion: A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging – Bridging the Gaps & Opportunities 4:50 pm

Examining what we do and do not know about the aging process Exploring the targeting of aging as a disease vs. aging as a common factor for different conditions Analyzing the current R&D landscape for anti-aging therapeutics Discussing recent breakthroughs and the growing interest in this space – attracting funding/ partnerships, important learnings to date…Read more

day: Day One

A Fresh Take on an Old Classic: Therapeutically Modulating IGF Signaling through PAPP-A Inhibition 11:35 am

Explore how inhibition of insulin/IGF signaling is the most validated antiaging intervention known Examine PAPP-A: An extracellular IGFBP protease that increases local IGF bioavailability, extends lifespan and health span when deleted, and avoids endocrine compensation, making it a compelling target for IGF pathway modulation Review Calico Lab’s PAPP-A neutralizing antibody; explaining how reduced IGF signaling…Read more

day: Day One

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