Andrei Gudkov

Andrei Gudkov

Company: Genome Protection

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Gudkov was graduated from Moscow State University and obtained his academic degrees (PhD in Experimental Oncology and Doctor of Sciences in Molecular Biology) in former Soviet Union. In 1990 joined Department of Genetics at University of Illinois at Chicago (US). Between 2001-2007 he led Department of Molecular Genetics at Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio). Since 2007, he is at his current position at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York. Dr. Gudkov made pioneering contributions in anti-cancer and anti-aging research, radiation biology and mechanisms of inflammation. A number of his drug candidates are currently in clinical development. He authored >250 scientific papers, an inventor on >50 issued patents and founded biotech companies Cleveland Biolabs, Incuron, Oncotartis, Everon Biosciences and Genome Protection that develop anticancer and anti-aging drugs based on his inventions.


Perspectives of Anti-Aging Therapy Targeting Intrinsic DNA Damage Mechanisms 1:45 pm

Explore how aging and longevity of mammals are under strict species specific genetic control Since accumulation of cells with damaged DNA is a likely contributor to aging, examine how intrinsic genetically determined mechanisms of DNA damage are expected to be aging drivers We hypothesize that activation and expansion of endogenous retroelements occupying collectively nearly half…Read more

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