Kaitlyn Gilland

Kaitlyn Gilland

Company: The Jackson Laboratory

Job title: Technical Information Scientist


Kaitlyn Gilland, Ph.D. Technical Information Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory

Dr. Kaitlyn Gilland earned a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from Purdue University in 2012.  She also earned a Masters in Psychology in 2016 and a PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior in 2019 from Purdue University.  For her doctoral thesis she evaluated chemogenetic and optogenetic methods for studying the role of neurons in the caudal nucleus solitary tract in satiation. Kaitlyn has extensive experience in study the genetics behind the nervous system and how the nervous system plays a role in feeding behavior and body weight.


Aged B6 Mice: A Novel Model for Studying Human NASH 12:35 pm

Explore how aged mice represent a new dietary model for NASH that accounts for the known risk factor of age in the human disease Examine severe NASH phenotypes and how they are are observed in aged mice when placed on a diet high in fat, fructose and cholesterol Understand how both male and female aged…Read more

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