Kelsey Moody

Kelsey Moody

Company: Antoxerene/Ichor Therapeutics

Job title: CEO


Mr. Moody is a process-oriented biotechnology executive who has specialized in the study of aging and aging mechanisms for over a decade. Since 2013, Mr. Moody has successfully built Ichor Therapeutics from a living room start-up into a premier, vertically integrated research organization that focuses on pre-clinical drug discovery for pathways of aging. R&D initiatives that constitute Ichor’s portfolio companies span enzyme therapy (Lysoclear, Inc.), small molecule drug discovery (Antoxerene, Inc.), antibody mimetics (Auctus Biologics, Inc.), protein chemistry tools (RecombiPure, Inc.), and a pre-seed strategic investment fund (Grapeseed.Bio). Mr. Moody has received graduate-level training in medicine, business, and laboratory research.


Hard Problems Need Hard Assets: Building, Discovering & Translating A Small Molecule Senolytic 10:45 am

Developing first-in-class small molecule senolytic drugs for pathways of aging Analyzing the latest dataRead more

day: Day Two

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