Lorna Harries

Lorna Harries

Company: University of Exeter Medical School

Job title: Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics


Lorna Harries is an Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter Medical School. She gained her PhD in Molecular Genetics from University College London in November 1994. Her research group has interests in -omics approaches to the study of ageing and age-related disease. She is particularly interested in how alternative messenger RNA processing, ncRNA RNAs and epigenetic gene regulation can underpin some of the physiological changes associated with these phenomena. Her work ranges from ‘big data’ approaches (whole genome transcriptomics and epigenetics) to detailed individual molecular analysis of particular genes. In recent years, her work has focused on how modifiers of alternative splicing can be harnessed to influence cellular senescence in human systems.


Influencing Splicing Factor Expression to Target Senescence 11:00 am

Analyzing the unclear molecular basis for human aging being a heterogeneous condition, where some succumb to age-related diseases at a relatively early age Exploring cellular plasticity and how it is determined predominantly by alternative splicing by which 95% of our genes produce more than one transcript in a regulated fashion Determining that transcripts involved in…Read more

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