Ronald A. Kohanski, PhD

Ronald A. Kohanski, PhD

Company: National Institute on Aging, NIH

Job title: Deputy Director of the Division of Aging Biology


Ronald A. Kohanski, PhD. is the Deputy Director of the Division of Aging Biology at the National Institute on Aging, NIH. He has a Ph.D. in biochemistry (University of Chicago 1981) and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with M. Daniel Lane at the Johns Hopkins University. He held faculty positions at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University and joined the NIA in 2005, where he promotes research on the “geroscience hypothesis” which states that slowing the rate of aging will delay the initiation or diminish the severity of adult-onset diseases and loss-of-resilience.


Panel Discussion: Tackling Preclinical & Translational Challenges in Aging-Related Therapeutics 11:15 am

How applicable to human aging is any given result in a model organism? How to promote advances in biomarker discovery and validation in aging Defining routes for translational success from discovery to clinic – what will be the key factors for generating successful results? Standardizing different classes of therapeutic approaches to achieve effective anti-aging outcomesRead more

day: Day Two

Biomarkers for Basic and Translational Research 8:15 am

Pillars of aging are interactive, so we might expect complexity in any biomarkers of aging Linking biomarkers to physiological declines that could be measured through increased frailty or decreased activities of daily living Exploring the need to accommodate variance in biomarkers and account for “medical conditions that are not age” as potential exclusion criteria for…Read more

day: Day Two

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