8:00 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee Networking

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Opening Keynote: Unity Biotechnologies’ Pipeline Progression: From Mice Models to First-in-Human Trials


  • Reverse the process of aging with drugs that target particular mechanisms of aging
  • Examine how senescent cells from mice extends life and blunts numerous age associated diseases, including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, lung diseases, cognitive decline and eye diseases
  • Discuss new results and where we can go from there

9:30 am Practical Drug Development for the Field of Aging Biology


  • Examine how improved health span is a challenging clinical endpoint
  • Explore how preventive therapies of any sort must have a high bar for safety
  • Leverage effective strategies for stepwise de-risking/confidence
    building and understand how they are necessary

10:00 am When Does Aging Begin?

  • Ronald Kohanski Deputy Director – Division of Aging Biology, National Institute on Aging, NIH


  • Explore when aging actually begins and why the answer might be useful
  • If aging is systems failures (declines), are these failures the same across the life course?
  • How might we learn experimentally when aging begins?

10:30 am Morning Break & Virtual Speed Networking

11:15 am A Fresh Take on an Old Classic: Therapeutically Modulating IGF Signaling through PAPP-A Inhibition


  • Explore how inhibition of insulin/IGF signaling is the most validated antiaging intervention known
  • Examine PAPP-A: An extracellular IGFBP protease that increases local IGF bioavailability, extends lifespan and health span when deleted, and avoids endocrine compensation, making it a compelling target for IGF pathway modulation
  • Review Calico Lab’s PAPP-A neutralizing antibody; explaining how reduced IGF signaling extends health span and lifespan due to characterizing its effects in-vivo and identifying clear biological activity and novel mechanisms of action
  • Discuss how PAPP-A inhibition may be a safe and effective therapeutic strategy for reducing IGF signalling

11:45 am An Aging Intervention that Increases Lifespan & Compresses Morbidity

  • Gordon Lithgow Professor & Vice President, Academic Affairs, Buck Institute on Aging


  • Is it trivial to find small molecule interventions in aging (in simple laboratory animals)?
  • Explore how health span increase is also attainable
  • Examine how extension of mouse lifespan and health span has been demonstrated

12:15 pm Novel Applications of Aged Mice in Disease Research


Hear developments in the field of aging research and therapeutics as our expertise partner, The Jackson Laboratory, examine novel applications of aged mice in disease research.

Full details to be released.

12:45 pm Lunch & Virtual Networking

1:45 pm Therapeutics for Aging from the Plasma Proteome


  • Discuss how comprehensive profiling demonstrates significant changes of the plasma proteome over aging
  • Examine how reversal of multiple mechanisms relevant for the biology of aging can be achieved through plasma-based approaches
  • Explore how plasma fractions have been developed with efficacy in mouse models and clinical studies
  • Analyze how targeting individual key plasma proteins has preclinical and clinical impact

2:15 pm Rejuvenation Biotechnology: How Can the PhDs Help the MDs & the MBAs?

  • Aubrey de Grey Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, SENS Research Foundation


  • Discover how one by one, anti-aging damage repair therapies are moving into (expensive) clinical trials
  • Most clinical trials fail: Discuss how the rejuvenation biotechnology sector will be no different
  • Why do investors often oversimplify and lose nerve? Could this badly delay availability of powerful therapies?
  • Examine why researchers have huge influence over general-audience sentiment and why they must have the courage to use it

2:45 pm The Interplay of Aging & Fibrosis: AI-Powered Target Discovery & Validation of Novel Pan-Fibrotic Protein Targets


  • Discuss senofibrosis and fibrosenescenc: The role of fibrosis in aging
  • Examine the discovery of novel targets in fibrosis
  • Explore generation of novel molecules for pan-fibrotic targets
  • Analyze in-vivo and in-vitro validation of novel pan-fibrotics

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Virtual Speed Networking

4:00 pm Mitochondrial Targeted Therapies & Longevity


  • Examine mitochondrial dysfunction and the aging process
  • Explore how mitochondrial-targeted therapeutics can slow, and even reverse age-related decline in animals
  • Discuss how mitochondrial-targeted therapeutics can do the same in humans
  • Consider and evaluate lifespan as a final frontier

4:30 pm Panel Discussion: A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging – Bridging the Gaps & Opportunities


  • Examining what we do and do not know about the aging process
  • Exploring the targeting of aging as a disease vs. aging as a common factor for different conditions
  • Analyzing the current R&D landscape for anti-aging therapeutics
  • Discussing recent breakthroughs and the growing interest in this space – attracting funding/ partnerships, important learnings to date and perspectives on future directions

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:35 pm End of Day 1