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8:00 am Online Registration & Virtual Coffee Networking

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCTX): Applying Cell Therapy to Areas of Unmet Medical Need

  • Brian Culley Chief Executive Officer, Lineage Cell Therapeutics


  • Examine OpRegen: An RPE transplant therapy in a Phase 1/2a trial for the treatment of dry-AMD with geographic atrophy
  • Explore OPC1: An oligodendrocyte progenitor therapy for acute spinal cord injuries with Orphan and RMAT designations; phase 1 completed
  • Discuss VAC2: An allogeneic cancer immunotherapy of antigenpresenting dendritic cells currently in a Phase 1 for oncology

9:30 am Immune-mediated Clearance of Senescence Cells in Oncology


  • Explore targeting an immune-oncology target expressed on senescent cells to develop novel senotherapies
  • Examine the clinical outcome: Improve SOC in the oncology field by eliminating therapy-induced senescence in cancer
  • An exclusive look at Rejuversen’s development of a biological medicine

10:00 am Juvenescence – End-user Insights Driving Healthy Aging Market

  • Colin Watts Chief Executive Officer, Juvenescence Life


  • “Lifetime Optimizers”: What sparks their interest?
  • Build a broad-based longevity health leader
  • Metabolic Switch ketone esters: Our first brand and product created in partnership with the Buck Institute
  • The role of science in building trust with end-users

10:30 am Morning Break & Virtual Speed Networking

11:15 am Case Study: Examine Inflammaging & Immune System Dysfunction -Measuring, Tracking & Treating Parkinson’s disease


  • Evaluate immune system dysregulation, how it happens and how to treat it
  • Discuss the peripheral-central neuroimmune crosstalk in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Examine presence versus absence versus dysfunction
  • Discuss the clinical correlations with measuring, tracking and treating Parkinson’s Disease

11:45 am Explore Targeted Senolytics: A Higher Selectivity & Safety of Systemic Treatments for Geriatric Syndromes


  • Examine novel small molecule designs for targeted, safe and systemic senolysis
  • Understand senolytic chronic treatments in geriatric preclinical models with high tolerability amelioration of frailty
  • Discuss improvement of age-dependent stem cell exhaustion and loss of regenerative potential recovery of age-related cognitive decline
  • Investigate platform to develop novel senolytic drugs to treat various age-related diseases

12:15 pm Discuss Mitochondria Based Therapeutics: A New Class of Novel Therapies for Age-Related Diseases


  • Examine how mitochondrial dysfunction underlies many chronic and age-related diseases
  • Discover how mitochondrial derived peptides regulate multiple body systems
  • Evaluate mitochondria based therapeutics targeting NASH, fibrosis, ARDS, oncology

12:45 pm Lunch & Virtual Networking

1:45 pm Perspectives of Anti-Aging Therapy Targeting Intrinsic DNA Damage Mechanisms


  • Explore how aging and longevity of mammals are under strict species specific genetic control
  • Since accumulation of cells with damaged DNA is a likely contributor to aging, examine how intrinsic genetically determined mechanisms of DNA damage are expected to be aging drivers
  • We hypothesize that activation and expansion of endogenous retroelements occupying collectively nearly half of mammalian genome (‘retrobiome’), can act as intrinsic DNA damage generator
  • Discuss how Data in support of this hypothesis defines retrobiome as a prospective target for antiaging therapies will be presented.


2:15 pm Case Study: A Triune Approach to Increasing Longevity – SIWA 318H

  • Lewis Gruber Chief Executive & Scientific Officer, Siwa Therapeutics


  • Explore what SIWA 318H is
  • Examine SIWA 318H targets
  • How does SIWA 318H increase longevity?

2:45 pm Examine Polycystic Kidney Disease as a First Indication for Development of the mTORC1-selective Rapamycin Analog NV-20494


  • Explore Kidney cyst formation and its relationship to mTORC1 dysregulation
  • Overview of prior experience in polycystic kidney disease with rapamycin and everolimus, and mechanistic considerations related to the importance of mTORC1 selectivity
  • Investigate approaches to gathering insight regarding impact of mTORC1 inhibition on endpoints of relevance to longevity

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Virtual Speed Networking

4:00 pm Explore the Role of Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11) in Aging & Rejuvenation


  • Summary of GDF11 implications in the scientific field Drugifying GDF11
  • Examine the influence of GDF11 on brain fate and function and its compelling indications
  • Discuss future directions

4:30 pm How to Select the Right Participants for Longevity Clinical Trials?


  • Examine why it’s important to select the right participants
  • Explore what the considerations are for choosing suitable patient
  • Evaluate biotype verses phenotype
  • Discuss the clinical relevance and clinical significance of selecting the correct patient pool

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm End of Conference

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