WORKSHOP DAY - Tuesday, January 26, 2021

9AM-4PM PDT | 12PM - 7PM EDT

Workshop A

Backing the Bet: Exploring the Challenges of Funding Development                          9AM-12PM PDT | 12PM - 3PM EDT


How does a company maximize its ability to secure adequate funding for continued development of its asset(s)?

At a critical booming point in the longevity space, early stage start-ups exploring the opportunity to bring innovative programs to life face fierce competitive and financial pressures.

This session will be an opportunity to discuss with peers and hear the perspectives of seasoned experts in investment and funding for life sciences companies on how to tackle key challenges to securing funding and investment for early stage development pipelines.

The session will explore key topics, including:

• Going public vs staying private
• Judging the macro environment
• The stories investors find of interest

Join us for this interactive discussion and learning session that will bring practical insights into overcoming the challenges of funding development

Workshop A Leaders: 

Junaid Mian

Managing Partner


Kate Batz

Managing Director

Deep Knowledge Ventures

Sergio Ruiz

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Methuselah Fund

Workshop B

AI for Longevity & Healthcare                                                                                                  1 PM-4PM PDT | 4PM - 7PM EDT


Globally, the number of persons aged 60 or over is projected to double by 2050, from 1 billion in 2015 to 2.1 billion in 2050. By 2100 it is expected to increase to 3.1 billion, nearly 3 times its value in 2017. Seeing the growth prospects of an aging population worldwide, it is no surprise that we now look to technology to attracting innovations at a rapid pace. These innovations are becoming increasingly important as the countries of the world deal with the elderly population explosion in the coming decades. They are likely to face fiscal and political pressures to reform public systems of healthcare monitoring, pensions, and social protections for a growing older population.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence approaches could be transformative toward identifying strategies for preservation of good health with advancing age. AI researchers can exploit computationally intense algorithms to assist humans in making sense of large, complex data sets with patterns that may not be detected using parametric statistical methods. An overarching question now in the aging field is whether AI, machine learning (ML), or deep learning (DL) approaches would be useful tools for identifying the genetic basis of exceptional health and life span.

The session will explore key topics, including:

  • Can AI make you live longer with better, smart diets?
  • Can AI help you exercise better?
  • Can AI detect cancerous cells and destroy them?
  • Can you upload your brain in a machine and live forever?
  • Can AI assist us as we get older?

Workshop B Leader:

Ronjon Nag


R42 Institute